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Mar. 22nd, 2008

[15] A Nighttime Hunt

Awoken by a sound.
Skitter, skitter, skitter...
What could this be now?

I'm pouncing towards the noise,
the pitter and the patter.
Where has it run off to?

While lurking silently,
I round a night-cloaked corner.
There! Has it stopped?

Must remain quiet now,
inching closer while it eats.
Can you really escape me?

I think not.

Pounce! Skitter! Squeak!

I return to my warm nook,
panting only a bit.
Never tempt a housecat.

I have no real explanation for this one. I had cats on my mind and felt like posting a quick little thing on here about a nighttime hunt.

Poor mousey! [c:

Mar. 20th, 2008

[14] - Constant Reminder

There's more than one way
to smile
to laugh
to cry.
But they all involve you.
My constant,
my constant reminder.
leave yourself and your prison.
Let me set you free.
I have ways to make you
smile and laugh.
No tears here,
when I'm with you.

This is triggered by a friend of mine who I sometimes feel that I'm in love with (and who's told me he's wondered what it would be like to be together, even though we're too far away to start a relationship) despite the fact that he frustrates me to no end at times. I wish so much that the stars would align and we'd end up together. Only time will tell.

Also, I know it's been about 2 years since I've last used this account. My life definitely turned around in the past year or so, but rest assured, I'm back! I hope you're all still there, still reading, and are willing to rekindle some commenting and such. [c:

- K.B.

Aug. 2nd, 2006

[13] - Girls and Boys {edited}

It's not gender confusion,
It's gender seclusion,
That makes it hard to survive.
Looking for someone,
That you can turn to,
Or even know you're alive.

Look towards the girls,
The pretties, the smiles,
And think that you can relate.
The grapevine's so small,
When you say one word,
You are the next one they hate.

Spend time with the boys,
The rough ones, the tough ones,
Act jokingly as you may please.
But seem too needy,
Or shed one tear,
And they will make you want to leave.

Which sex to confide in?
Once you decide, then,
Is your life really complete?
Do not choose just one,
Or you'll see the mess,
That happens when genders compete.

My last entry was sort of just an idea I had to get down. A work in progress, I guess, because from that I created this.

Lately I've realized that as much as I used to think that I hated girls and was always meant to be a guy's best friend, I've been sexist against my own gender. I never gave girls and chance and because of that, I was stuck being friends with guys who I now notice never treated me like a friend or even considered me as one. I was constantly left out, so I've decided to not strive as much as I have in the past to be friends with these jerks and to give female friendships a chance. That's where the ideas for Girls and Boys came from.

What do you all think?


Jul. 26th, 2006

[12] - Boys and Girls

It's not gender confusion,
It's gender seclusion,
That makes it hard to befriend.
Just taking my time,
Looking them all in the eye,
I'm wondering how this will all end.

I'm baaaaack! Yeah, I had a very busy month, so not much time to write much poetry. Here's a quick limerick I came up with yesterday.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things.

Jun. 22nd, 2006

011 - Who Are You?

Who are you, but a pawn in the game of life?
Scattering about the earth, living and dying;
Creating tears, wars, music, and laughter;
Continuing onwards.

What are we, but mice in a maze?
Seeking answers to questions we can barely ask;
Wondering what lies around the next bend;
In search of everything and nothing.

Who am I, but a lonely pen on paper?
Dreaming a dream I cannot explain;
Humming a tune of silence that dies to be heard;
Playing my part.

Just so you all know, I'll be taking a brief haitus. I'll be gone for the next week on a little vacation. While I'm gone I'll try to write, then make a big post upon my return. Stay tuned and have a good week, everyone! [c:

Jun. 20th, 2006

010 - Emotional Armageddon

Glistening in the sun,
flowing endlessly.
Coming from the River Emotion,
a waterfall of tears,
like Niagra.
Ripples from tremors,
deep within the Cave of Nerves.
There's an eerie silence,
before a solemn breeze.
build a dam upstream and breathe.
The quake will subside,
and the wind of breath will blow calmly.
The touch of a warm sunlight,
a hand or hug,
concludes the armageddon.

Have I lost my readers? Heh. Not many comments lately. No matter, the writing will continue. (c:

Jun. 19th, 2006

009 - Misc. Haikus

Beautiful Disaster
Flashing in the sky,
Forms a firey path below,
Lightning - sky to earth.

Fade To Grey
Our smiling faces,
Fade to grey in the sunlight.
Rays hurt our photos.

Twiddle, Twiddle
With nothing to do,
Sketch, hum, write, twiddle your thumbs;
This incessant day.

Oh, mirror, mirror,
Why do you deceive young minds?
They die outside in.

This is the first time I've posted more than once in a day. I've had a bit of inspiration as of late, so I figured I'd try to maybe explain my muses for these little haikus:

  • The first poem came to me since we're expecting some lightning storms soon. (I love lightning!)
  • The second was inspired by a photo of my boyfriend and I hanging on my wall in front of me. It's been here for 5 months and because my window welcomes the morning sun, I noticed it's pretty faded now.
  • The third is about how bored I am at work today. Obviously I'm not doing much other than writing in my journal(s)! \c:
  • The fourth is in response to a childhood friend that I reconnected with a few years ago (via LiveJournal, nonetheless) who made a post recently about her younger sister being admitted to a hospital for treatment of Anorexia Nervosa.

So, friends, I ask you: What inspires your art (poetry, music, drawings, etc.)?
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008 - My Best Friend

I measure my friendships,
in comments and pokes,
in hugs and visits,
but not by their words.
Your words.
They echo in my mind,
past the three-hundred miles,
that seperate our ears.
It's been so long since our last hug,
and it's been eating away at me,
at the memories we've shared.
I can't help but blame you,
for you haven't tried like I have.
You said you'd do anything for me,
for us,
for our friendship.
You said you'd fly a red-eye,
three hours just to see me if I was hurt.
I can't feel it,
can't sense its truth,
unless you come,
There's fifty years left to our friendship,
so you said.
I don't want to waste those fifty years,
without you.
I miss you.

I have this friend of mine, my best friend, who has told me how much he treasures our friendship, and how he knows we'll be friends 50 years from now. We live far apart from each other and barely see each other once a year. I'll hopefully be seeing him at the end of next month, but it's not guaranteed. I also hope to see him for my birthday, but again, the distance prevents him from being able to come all the way to see me. He says he misses me and that he's trying to free up time for me, but out of frustration of this situation came this poem. It's a bit cryptic, but it's how I feel. I love my friend, and I always will, but right now I'm almost hating him for being so far away.

Jun. 12th, 2006

007 - Summer Has Begun

Opened my rain-stained window,
at last to see the sun shine through.
It is long-awaited, this sunshine,
but it is bittersweet.
For fall will come,
(although not for months now),
and the rain will start again.
But for now my windows are clean,
and I can feel the warmth of summer.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy with regular life stuff, hehe. Anyway, the weather forecast for me shows nothing but warm weather coming. Finally it's summertime! I love summer.

Jun. 7th, 2006

006 - Misc. Haikus

Days of Rain
It falls now 'til forever
Rain will never stop

Wake Up
It flows through my veins
Sometimes feels better than love
Behold caffeine's power

A friend, a best friend
In the corner of my eye
Secretly in love

I was just kind of bored this morning and felt like jotting some stuff down. Haikus are fun to do and are really the simplest form of poetry, in my opinion.

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